Spring Centre

The idea for this project came from projects in metal. It mounts in the tailstock and is used to align a tap with the headstock. I've found this to be extremely useful and well worth the effort of making.

The body of the spring centre was made from a blank MT2 arbor. It was drilled and reamed 12 mm and then cross-drilled 4.2 mm for an M5 screw using my Tailstock V-Adaptor. A 9 mm slot drill was then held in the lathe chuck and the flat was machined while the body was still in the v-adaptor. The plunger was made from some 12 mm silver steel with a 60° taper turned on one end. The slot was milled in the side with a 6 mm end mill using my milling block. The spring came from a spring and ring puzzle from a rather posh Christmas cracker.

The little screw in the bottom right of the picture is turned from an M10 button-head screw. I've found that with a few of the MT2 taper tools I have, the tailstock ram jams into the back of the taper tool rather than ejecting the tool. I made a bunch of these headless screws for the taper tools and they prevent this jamming from occurring. In hindsight, it would probably have been easier to use grub screws and some thread-lock!

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