Bandit Colour Scheme

This page contains the colour scheme that I use for all editing tasks.  It is primarily designed for use with a dark background (as I find this easier on the eyes), but I'm gradually adding more support for light backgrounds as well.  It makes full use of the available colour palette, so looks better in gvim than in console vim (although I still like the console version).

The colour scheme supports a lot more highlighting groups than most colour schemes (including the result of the ctags-based highlighter and Dr Chip's rainbow.vim).

Screenshots (Click for Bigger)

Windows GVim (Dark Background) Windows GVim (Light Background)

There are more examples on the TagHighlight page.


This colour scheme has now been converted to use the EasyColour framework and is distributed with that framework.


  • Changed to use EasyColour.
  • Now supports GlobalConstant type (with updated version of TagHighlight Highlighter).
  • Changed parenthesis highlighting to be a bit clearer.
  • Added colouring of more groups including status line and line numbering.
  • Added colouring of sign column and splits.
  • Added operator colouring and automatic reloading of colour scheme.
  • Added protection against erroneous group creation.
  • Supports the latest ctags highlighter (with EnumerationValue instead of Enumerator).
  • Added better support for other languages.


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