Dr Al's 3D Printing Pages


I bought a Prusa 3D Printer in November 2021. I'd thought about buying one for several years and had been gradually adding to a list of workshop-related projects that I would do as and when I had one. Eventually the list got long enough and the Black Friday sales were sufficiently tempting that I decided to take the plunge.

A lot of the 3D printable models that can be found on the web are computer game characters or other artistic STLs. For me, the 3D printer is only really interesting as a means to help me do workshop projects. I've found quite a few printed tools online, but most of the things I've printed have been custom-designed to suit a particular task. I won't list everything on the website: many of the 3D printed objects I've made have been very specific to other things that I have or were specific to one task I needed to do in the workshop and hence the models wouldn't be of interest to anyone else. However, some may be of interest to others and so I've shared them here. You can find a few more models on my profile page on printables.com.

Please do let me know if you find these models interesting.

3D Printed Stuff

  1. Waste Side Jigs: track saw jigs for cutting on the waste side.
  2. Hex Key Rack Mk2: 3D printed hex key rack.
  3. Tap & Die Storage Box: customised storage for taps and dies.
  4. Bandsaw Throat Inserts: inserts for a bandsaw.

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