Hex Key Rack Mk2

This is a new version of the hex key rack that attaches to the front of my lathe. The previous version was laser cut and I managed to break it through carelessness. I no longer have access to the laser cutter so I decided to 3D print a replacement.

The replacement is made out of two parts. One is there simply to adjust for the angle of the lathe's front. The other part (which could be mounted directly onto a wall or other vertical surface) is a simple-ish block with holes for all the hex keys. The top layer was printed in white to make the text clear.

Like h[hexkeyrack}my previous rack, the holes are hexagonal, so they keep the hex keys in place without allowing them to rotate and get in each others way. However, since the 3D printer adds another dimension when compared to the laser cutter, I was able to taper the hexagonal holes. That taper means the hole is bigger at the top and it's very easy to push the hex keys into their holes. The bottom portion of the hole is vertical (not tapered) so that when the hex keys are pushed all the way in, they sit vertically.

The model for this holder is available on printables.com.

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