Planing Dog

This is a simple planing dog I made out of a lump of stainless steel I picked out of a skip. The angled edges (one at a steeper angle than the other) are used as a firm stop for a piece of wood when planing it by hand. The angle prevents the wood from lifting. The flat section on top is 2 mm thick; the body is 20 mm diameter to fit into the holes on my bench.

This photo shows the planing dog in use. Although it looks from the picture like this is made in two parts and held together by the countersunk screw, that's not the case. I machined it from one large offcut of bar that I had and drilled & tapped a central hole M8 to make it easier to pull the dog out of the bench if needed (by inserting a screw and pulling). The countersunk screw just blocks the hole in case of anything falling through.

I also made a simple rack for storing dogs (including the planing dog). This is a very simple plywood construction that slots onto the angle iron that forms the rails for a home-made welded drawer unit that sits on my woodworking bench.

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