High Profile Clamps

These simple clamps are based on a design by Harold Hall. They are very well described on Harold's website, so I'll just mention a few differences in my clamps:

  • I use M8 screws instead of M6 screws in all places - there seemed to be plenty of space for the larger size and I felt this might improve the strength.
  • I used two separate (home-made) t-nuts instead of a single long one. The slot at the end of the t-slots on the SX3 for inserting & removing t-nuts is limited in size so a single long t-nut would be impossible to use.
  • I moved the drilled hole (3.5 mm - not specified on Harold's drawing) at the bottom of the slot such that it was 3 mm from the table rather than 3 mm from the bottom of the clamp.
  • Dimensions were adjusted for the SX3's t-slots.

I also made some extra clamps based on a very similar principle. The difference with these clamps is that they do not have the alignment piece at the bottom and hence they can be mounted at any angle on the table. As they need to be able to rotate, they only have one screw and I used an M10 cap screw with a standard t-nut. These were very useful when making my tangential fly cutter.

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