Milling Machine Depth Stop

Like my spindle-lock, this modification is based on a design by Paula Stephens, described in this post.

The depth stop consists of few simple components: an aluminium clamp, a piece of M10 threaded rod, a piece of 25 mm × 5 mm equal angle mounted into the holes used for the (rather ineffective) shield and three 18 mm knurled nuts with an M10 thread tapped through the middle.

The clamp is machined from a piece of 100 mm × 20 mm aluminium bar. The 68 mm diameter hole was bored with a boring tool in the milling machine (this piece is way too big to be machined on my lathe). After boring, it was held on the inner diameter and the outer shape was machined. It was then drilled and tapped for the M8 clamping screw and an M10 depth rod.

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