Storage for MT3 Tooling

This is a simple storage unit for holding most of the MT3 tooling that I have for use in the tailstock of the Harrison M250. It is clamped to the base of the lathe at the tailstock end.

This photo shows the storage unit with the tools removed. The plate with the holes for the tools is 200 mm × 150 mm × 4 mm. Holes were located and drilled on the bench-top milling machine.

This photo shows the storage unit with the top plate removed. The bars running left-to-right in the image are 8 mm diameter: they're intended to increase the plate's ability to hold the weight of the tooling, although I suspect they're probably not really needed.

The clamping pieces that hold the unit onto the lathe bed are (left-to-right in photo) 20 mm, 4 mm and 12 mm wide respectively. They are each 200 mm long (except the 4 mm filler pieces which is split into three parts) to match the length of the plate. They are clamped together with M6 screws and the plate is held to the clamping pieces with M6 screws. The 8 mm bars go all the way through the clamping pieces.

In the background of the photo at the top of the page, you can also see a Parkside Disc Sander that I bought from Lidl for about £20. This is also clamped to the base of the lathe and has its table set at 45° and the fence set at 90°. This is left in this configuration permanently and I use it for chamfering the corners (and removing burrs) on small parts. Being able to clamp it onto the lathe means I don't have to take up valuable bench space. I also have a small Axminster Belt & Disc Sander that lives on the bench and is used for more general sanding duties.

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