Table Saw Trolley Mk2

This is my new table saw trolley, to replace the old one described on the page linked here. The old trolley worked really well and I certainly didn't find any real design issues with it, but I don't use the table saw that often and I wanted to be able to store it in the shed most of the time. This wasn't possible due to the size of the saw on its trolley and the space available in the shed.

When the saw isn't in use, it can be pivoted (using a couple of bearings that act as wheels on one corner of the frame) to sit vertically. The two pieces of wood you can see on the left of the picture at the top of the page are there to ensure the saw sits vertically rather than being pitched over at an angle. These are permanently attached with a couple of screws that press against the underside of the aluminium top and hence clamp the wood blocks in place.

There are four velcro straps that hold the top frame (with the saw screwed to it) to the bottom frame and can be quickly undone to switch between usage and storage positions.

This photo shows some simple drawers I made to fill in the bottom of the trolley and provide storage for push sticks and spare blades. The latches on the side of the drawers stop them opening while moving the trolley across the garden and into the shed. This photo was taken after painting it: the shed is a damper environment than the garage so I felt it was worth the effort of spray painting it.

This photo shows the table saw stored in the shed: you can see why I needed to reorient it for the available space!

Most of the parts of the trolley were made out of 30 mm × 30 mm × 2 mm box section steel cut from the old table saw trolley.

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