Bandsaw Dust Collector

This is a 3D-printed dust extractor for my bandsaw. Bandsaws are notoriously bad at dust collection, but this method works really well. It puts the extraction close to the cutting edge and the vacuum cleaner sucks up most of the dust produced by cutting. I can't claim any credit for it (all I did was create a 3D-printable version): it was invented by Steve Maskery.

This photo shows a close-up of the part that wraps around the blade and catches the dust.

It's designed for use with a vacuum cleaner (high pressure, low volume) rather than a woodwork dust extractor (low pressure, high volume).

Steve Maskery explains the operation (and shows how well it works) much better than I can:

The magnetically attached brackets have a 1.5 metre radius on the face, which is designed to fit the door on a Record BS400 bandsaw. If you have a different bandsaw with a flat or different radius door, you may need to tweak the design of the brackets slightly (STEP files are included so you can edit the design fairly easily). Alternatively you could use pipe clips like Steve does in his video.

The brackets are designed to have 20 mm diameter, 6 mm long magnets superglued in place (you want them to be held firmly to the door). You can use two 20 mm diameter, 3 mm long magnets in place of each 6 mm long one if you prefer.

The bottom vacuum joint (printed in black in the photos) is sized to fit my vacuum cleaner hose. You may find yours works with this joint or you could just print a second top piece and attach the vacuum cleaner to that.

You can download the model files from

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