Soft Hammers

Not much to say here really; I made a couple of soft-jaw hammers. The big one's used for nudging things around in the workshop; the little one's used for hitting nails into a model boat (a model of the HMS Victory) that I've been making on-and-off (mostly off) for about the last 10 years!

In both cases the head is 303 grade stainless steel. The big one has a handle made out of hollow aluminium bar (to get all the weight in the head) with a thin knurled brass sleeve over the top and a threaded (inside and out) steel piece in the top to hold a screw to attach the head. The small one has a handle made out of 303 stainless, again with a thin knurled brass sleeve over the top. The faces are brass and aluminium on the big one and acetal and brass on the little one; they are threaded so they can be changed to different materials if required. The slightly odd appearance of the big one (the offset of the handle from the centre) is as a result of the different density of the brass and aluminium. The result of the offset is that the centre of balance is right in the middle the handle.

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