TagHighlight Install Guide


TagHighlight consists of some Vim scripts and some Python scripts. The Vim scripts require a relatively recent Vim (at least version 7). To use the python 3 interface (optional), version 7.3 is required.

As described in :help TagHL-PythonVariantPriority, there are a number of different ways you can run the python part of the application. If your Vim has the python interface compiled in, with python version 2.6 or greater and it works, you can use that to run the python code (you'll need python installed on your system). If you have the python3 interface, you can also use that. Alternatively, if you have python 2.6 or above (including python 3), you can use that. Finally, there is a (separately distributed) compiled version if you don't have python on your system.

Note that the plugin is always required, even when using the compiled binary versions.

Exuberant ctags is also required as this is used to generate the tag file that is parsed to generate the highlighter.

Installation Guide

Uninstalling ctags_highlighter

This plugin replaces the previous version, which was called ctags_highlighter. Please delete ctags_highlighter before using this plugin. The files you need to delete (if present) in your ~/.vim or vimfiles directory are:

  • mktypes.py
  • extra_source/mktypes (delete the entire folder)
  • doc/ctags_highlighting.txt
  • plugin/ctags_highlighting.vim
  • types_qt4.vim (if you installed the GUI types addon)
  • types_wx.vim (if you installed the GUI types addon)
  • types_wxpy.vim (if you installed the GUI types addon)
  • types_android.vim (if you installed the GUI types addon)
  • types_jdk.vim (if you installed the GUI types addon)

Installing the main plugin:

The TagHighlight plugin is distributed as a zip file, however there is a much more up to date version available in the mercurial repository. If you are using the pathogen plugin, create a directory called TagHighlight in ~/.vim/bundle or vimfiles/bundle. Unzip the zip file directly into the new directory. If you are not using the pathogen plugin, simply unzip the zip file directly into your ~/.vim or vimfiles directory.

Updating the help tags:

If you use pathogen, run:

:call pathogen#helptags()

Otherwise, use:

:helptags ~/.vim/doc


:helptags path/to/vimfiles/doc

as appropriate.

Installing the compiled version:

If you want to use the compiled version of the plugin (if you do not have python 2.6 or greater on your system), download the zip file for your chosen platform (or both Windows and Linux if you use the same vim configuration directory on both platforms) and unzip in the same location as the main plugin (~/.vim or ~/.vim/bundle/TagHighlight depending on whether you use pathogen).

Installing the standard libraries:

If you want support for highlighting of standard libraries (see :help TagHighlight-standard-libraries), unzip that zip file in the same place as the main plugin (~/.vim or ~/.vim/bundle/TagHighlight depending on whether you use pathogen).


If you use pathogen and have followed the pathogen install instructions above, you should be able to simply delete ~/.vim/bundle/TagHighlight.

If you don't use pathogen, the files/directories to delete (all relative to ~/.vim or vimfiles) are:

  • plugin/TagHighlight.vim
  • plugin/TagHighlight (entire directory)
  • autoload/TagHighlight (entire directory)
  • doc/TagHighlight.txt

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