Threading Tool Grinding Jig

In my (limited) experience, the various angles on most turning tools aren't particularly critical. However, for threading tools, the angles are much more important. As with many tools, the inspiration for my threading tool grinding jig came from Mike's Workshop. Mike's jig has two lines scribed at 60° from the centre line to allow grinding of 60° threading tools. Since I only anticipated using this for 60° tools, I decided that it would be good to have a jig with this angle set accurately and semi-permanently.

Like many of my tools, the main part of this jig came out of the scrap drawer, hence the slightly rusty appearance. Like Mike's jig, this has a bar attached the bottom that runs along the edge of the tool supports on the grinder. Unlike Mike's, it has no scribed lines, but it has two fixed stops set at the right position to set the rotating bar at the right angle. In the end of each of these stops is an M3 screw and locking nut to allow fine adjustment of the angle.

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